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Trailing Stop is used for “trailing” the Stop Loss to follow the current price if the profit from a position increases. If price turns the opposite direction, the level of stop loss will not be changed. In few words, Trailing Stop will assist to minimize the losses and secure the profits. You can enjoy all the benefits of MetaTrader 5 for desktop, web, and mobile with a MetaTrader broker. You do not need to have CrossOver on your computer to install the platform from the ready-made DMG package.

  1. The platform also carries an economic calendar, which lists the time of an upcoming event, forecast values, the previous period’s values and more.
  2. Stop orders help traders to lock their obtained profits and minimize their losses.
  3. Alternatively, you can choose several ready-to-use EAs, downloadable for free from Code Base, or purchase or rent from “MetaTrader Market,” the largest store of ready-to-use trading applications.
  4. It includes 38 native indicators, 46 drawing tools, and support for 21 different timeframes, ranging from 1 minute to 1 month.

MetaTrader 5 can also trade automatically by using trading robots and trading signals. In addition to the desktop and mobile versions, the platform is available on the web and can be accessed from any device. MetaTrader 5, the powerful automated trading platform, offers advanced tools for successful trading
analysis and trades in the financial markets. Aside from Forex, the MT5 platform helps you trade Stocks, CFDs, and Futures.

Best MetaTrader 5 (MT brokers

It has numerous order types and execution modes that allow traders to use custom trading strategies even when their machine is not online. MT5’s desktop terminal is downloadable and designed for use with Windows-based computers. MT5 users gain access to more than 100 interactive charts that feature dozens of analytical tools, such as indicators and graphical objects. The 21 available time frames allow for in-depth technical analysis of currencies, exchange futures, stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, and spot metals. Up to 100 charts can be opened in the platform to enable monitoring of all required financial instruments. The MetaTrader 5 charting system includes 21 time-frames, from one-minute to one-month.

Trading and Execution

The MetaTrader 5 web platform allows trading in forex and other financial instruments from any browser and operating system. Its diverse functionality includes fundamental and technical analysis tools, copy trading, and automated trading. Although trading signals are not currently available on TickTrader, this feature is on the horizon. Another area where TickTrader excels is its economic calendar, which surpasses MT5’s offering. It provides not only an economic calendar but also integrates additional resources like upcoming dividends, earnings reports, and IPO schedules. is an award-winning online broker, in business since 2006.

Automate your trades with MT5

This will bring up the ‘alert editor’ window where you can customize your price alert. To monitor your open positions and pending orders open the ‘terminal’ window by pressing Ctrl + T, or by clicking ‘view’ in the toolbar and selecting ‘terminal’. You can close a position or delete a pending order by clicking the small ‘x’ on the far right of the profit column. When you move a level, a tooltip appears displaying potential profit (or loss) in the deposit currency and pips that can be obtained if the level triggers.

Beginners may not notice any significant differences between MT4 and MT5. On the surface, they are similar in appearance and function, and MT5’s added features and advanced functionalities may not be hugely important for beginners. Before deciding on MT4 or MT5, it’s important for new traders to learn the basics of trading and to develop a keen understanding of how trading platforms work. MetaQuotes has gone all out to popularize the MetaTrader 5 platform even at the cost of its predecessor, so its adoption rate is likely to grow further. MetaTrader 5 hits the mark for advanced traders with its feature-rich platform, an arsenal of trading tools and a wide choice of tradable asset classes. Although MetaTrader 5 has not gained as much popularity as the MetaTrader 4 platform, it has gained wide recognition and acceptance.

What’s the best MT5 broker for you?

Hence, a trader can trade the most successful companies from various sectors of the economy, reduce monetary risks using futures contracts and work with derivative financial instruments. Thousands of trading robots and technical indicators are available in the built-in Market of Trading Apps. Every product has a free trial version which you can test before deciding to pay for the full application version.

Whether you choose MT4 or MT5, check out my popular guide to forex trading for beginners. Or, read my Forex 101 educational series that covers everything you’ll need to know about forex and currency trading, the ins and outs of leverage, how pips work, and more. MT5’s Strategy Tester enables traders to test and optimize software built with MQL5 – before the software is run on live accounts with real money at stake. The web version of MT5 recently underwent a massive makeover, which updated its charting capabilities and overall responsiveness to be more competitive with modern web platforms like TradingView. Check out my forex charting guide to learn why charts are so important for forex traders.

MetaTrader 5 offers financial news from international agencies and provides a daily broadcast of dozens of newsletters from global events. The platform also carries an economic calendar, which lists the time of an upcoming event, forecast values, the previous period’s values and more. Algorithmic trading using robots is also available for the Forex Market. Trading robots are able to analyze currency quotes and execute trading operations. You can develop your own robot, purchase a ready-to-use Expert Advisor from the Market, download a free app from the Code Base or order a custom application from the Freelance service.

Blain Reinkensmeyer has 20 years of trading experience with over 2,500 trades placed during that time. He heads research for all U.S.-based brokerages on and is respected by executives as the leading expert covering the online broker industry. Blain’s insights have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Chicago Tribune, among other media outlets. MetaTrader is a popular software suite for trading forex and CFDs – but it’s not a broker. This means that your level of safety when trading forex will depend on your forex broker, not on the MetaTrader software.

Lastly, TradingView is slightly more advanced than MT4 and MT5, providing market, stop, limit GTC/GTD and stop-limit orders. Its customer service agents, available 6 days beaxy exchange review a week, have always been friendly and professional. So it’s perhaps no surprise that 4XC has received several awards commending the quality of its customer service team.

Comprehensive information about all the orders and open positions is always available in the Toolbox — Trade window. Through the Toolbox window, traders can track their number of orders and positions, open prices, volumes, stop-orders or their account status. Additionally, this tool gives direct access to the detailed history of all deals in one window. Pending orders are formed instantly but they can be executed in future, as soon as the market situation meets the specified condition. For example, with the Buy Stop order a trader can buy stocks, currencies or other securities once their price will be higher than the current one. If the trader expects that a security price will rise to a certain level and then will continue the upward movement, then this request can be used.

TickTrader’s backtesting and strategy development capabilities resemble those of MT5 but with its unique features. Expert Advisors (EAs) in TickTrader can be developed using C#, a powerful and versatile programming language, and can be easily tested through the platform’s Backtester feature. This tool offers various options to simulate live trading conditions realistically alongside fast analysis. A unique feature of TradingView is Pine Script, its native scripting language, enabling the development of a vast range of custom-built indicators on the platform. In comparing technical analysis on MT4, MT5, TickTrader, and TradingView, TradingView stands out with the most comprehensive selection of tools.

As more brokers have added MT5 to their platform offering over the years, it has slowly gained wider adoption across the brokerage industry. The MetaTrader platform suite, developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation, is home to two of the most popular trading platforms for CFD and forex traders – MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Forex is an interbank foreign exchange market, the trading volume of which exceeds all other financial markets. Forex trading is available 24 hours a day via global information networks. Currency buy and sell operations are available not only to banks, but also to retail traders. Speculation is the core principle of profiting from Forex — buy low and sell high.

Fund your account to get access to trading signals from Trading Signal and Autochartist. You’ll also get access to free trading courses for beginners and experienced traders, weekly webinars and e-books. MT5 is faster and more efficient than MT4, but it doesn’t replace the previous platform as it is different and simply offers more than MT4 does.

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