The organization of the white & blue fans goes back many years ago, since 1986. Ultras Tirona are the first genuine group of KF Tirana fans, who have supported the most titled team in the country. Ultras Tirona have been first to start the road of ultras mentality, which year after year has been expanding. Along years 80′-90′, this grouping distinguished for the endurance and the opposition against the system with their illegal chants in the stands. Years after, Ultras Tirona became a factor in stadiums and starts placing their own décor in sections where they stood, at home or away matches. Always close to the team, with bigotry and passion for KF Tirana. For over three decades, this grouping is present in the stadiums and many Tirana fans encourage it. Today, along with Tirona Fanatics, they have a common purpose: support Tirona which they love with fanaticism!