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Tomorrow we play for the 3 points

“Its a difficult match for us, but very important for our targets. We must do the homework and take the 3 points against Laci. We play for a spot in the European zone and each opponent must be respected. I however, believe that Tirana has the potential to subdue any opponent in the League. Its true that during this period we have had absent players and still have. The biggest and hurtful absence have been our fans. I much hope they will return. As to what club is doing towards their approach, this is not an answer I can give as a player. We must give our best on pitch and take the maximum of the points, aiming our minimal target for this season. Captain band? Its a pleasure, but my mind is not there. Tirana has its captains and for me it won’t be a special responsibility, because that’s a feeling I have at every match even without that band”