Since January 8th 2006, fanclub Tirona Fanatics was founded and started officially their activity in the stands and Albanian fans stage. Love for the white & blue colours joined some young lads, who organized an outstanding support for the most titled team in the country. At present, Fanatics count hundreds of members, who embraced the “ultras mentality” to encourage the white & blue jersey at every breath. This grouping is everywhere; “Qemal Stafa”, “Selman Stermasi”, in or away from home, in or away from Albanian borders, practically at every venue where their team plays. From many years KF Tirana has an outstanding asset. They are team’s 12th player. Fanatics have been close to the club and players in the hardest times and have opposed, expressing a different thought, always with the purpose of contributing positively in the club’s progress. Today Fanatics are a model which many fan clubs are following at the Albanian fans stage and a valuable city asset, in which everyone is proud with. Since January 8th 2006, Tirona Fanatics are truly fanatic fans and KF Tirana need them the most.