Refik Halili

Mr Refik Halili is the current KF Tirana’s president. Being the main shareholder, since 17.11.2014 he owns 66% of shares whilst 34% belong to Tirana City Hall. This president is not solely the first of the club or main shareholder, KF Tirana is also his home. A passionate fan, a sponsor since beginning of 1990 and a big contributor for the club even in its hardest times. In 2004 Refik Halili became part of the donors’ quartet that led Tirana towards one of most successful terms. In 2008 he becomes sole manager and in season 2008-09 becomes part of the important triumphs in the League and Cup. In 2010-11, president Halili stays as KF Tirana main sponsor and keeps club in high levels. After two years absence, during which club was managed by the City Hall, in Summer of 2013 Halili returns as a sponsor. He contributes alone for the club at the first half of that season. In one of darkest seasons in the history, as by the end of year 2013 Tirana was at last place with only 12 points and very slim hopes to stay in the top flight, Halili took full management at the second half of same season. Under his contribution and management, within 4 months Tirana managed to survive demotion. Since 17.11.2014 Mr Refik Halili is the main shareholder and president and there have been huge investments since then. “Skender Halili” Training Complex and “Selman Stermasi” Stadium have changed their look completely, worthy for Albania’s biggest football club.




KF Tirana has historically been managed and owned by one president. The only exception is during period of 2007–2008, when the presidency was vacant and club was managed by a number of sponsors. KF Tirana has had numerous presidents over the course of its history, most of which have also been the owners of the club, whilst others have only been honorific presidents such as Bamir Topi and Fatmir Frasheri. The club has had a total of 13 presidents, in total from 1920 until the present day. The most successful president in history is considered to be the Egyptian millionaire Metwally El Sayed who was president of the club during the period 1999–2004. The president who has had the longest management over the club has been Selman Stermasi, who was owner and president from 1936 until 1960, whilst the president with the shortest management has been Fatmir Frasheri, who only lasted a single year from 2004–2005. Below is the official presidential history of KF Tirana, from when the club was formed, until the present day.




Albania Bahri Toptani 1920–1933
Albania Stefan Shundi 1933–1936
Albania Selman Stermasi 1936–1960
Albania Lame Konomi 1960–1970
Albania Nuri Bylyku 1970–1983
Albania Clirim Hysi 1983–1985
Albania Zija Shaba 1985–1993
Albania Metush Seferi 1993–1998
Albania Lutfi Nuri 1998–1999
Egypt Metwally El Sayed 1999–2004
Albania Fatmir Frashëri 2004–2005
Albania Bamir Topi 2005–2007
Albania Refik Halili 2007–2011
Albania Lulzim Basha 2011–2013
Albania Refik Halili 2013–