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If opponents play fair, we can reach Euro zone

“We are at similar situation to the one ahead of last match. We have absences, particularly at the centre where keeper Bakaj and Muca are absent. Also E.Bakaj is suspended. We play in Vlore for the jersey, the pride of such a great club as Tirana, that never made compromises with any opponent. Fans want me stay next season? That’s good to hear, however if at the end of this season we fail to reach a spot in Europa League, I will resign. Club will thereafter decide for me. Regarding young players activation, this has been club’s target all along and I have always supported it. Youth approach and promotion must be a priority. Do I believe we will reach Euro zone? If other opponents would play honestly like Tirana is doing, we’d believe in that. Now our hopes are based only on mathematic. Regarding the incidents of last match, I think fans have nothing to do with them and should not be eluded of coming into the stadium. Two fans of both clubs provoked these incidents and then one Partizani official hit one of ours, heating things on. I never understood what Partizani officials were doing at our stand, half an hour after match ended. Fans’ suspension is unfair. Disciplinary Committee’s decision was of two standards. Regarding the bonus for the match or other rumors, I have always been against financial issues. However can clarify the only truth for you. President decided to give us a bonus and handed it out after match finished. Should match had been won, bonus would have been bigger. Partizani’s polemics? There is a long time this club’s officials don’t look at themselves. I do not wish to speak and behave like them”.