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I get fans’ feelings, but we must stay together now

“The next challenge against Flamurtari is important for us, mostly to heal the wounds from the “derby” defeat. We have to win and will do our best to get the 3 points, in order to recuperate also psychologically. Flamurtari arrives in Tirana with a clear plan, they need a positive result for the targets they have. However, we must forget for a while the recent League loss and give the maximum on the pitch. Stats of matches against Flamurtari are on our side, as we have won the last two matches in Vlore. There is also no need for revenge after the Cup loss, as this is a different competition. As regarding Elis Bakaj, his absence will be felt in the squad, being team’s best scorer. However, I think his behaviour in the “derby” was not professional, even though the referee could have managed the situation differently. Its true we have not won the past three matches in the league. But it does not mean we have been under our opponents’ level. We faced direct opponents and unfortunately what is missing are only the good results. Criticism against the squad? I don’t wish to reply to all legendary Tirana players,  because they are my friends. All I know is that those who spoke highly when team was getting good results, are same people who criticised us after the “derby” defeat. I wish to appeal to our fans for support, because everything gets harder without them. I feel them after this loss, but would ask them to still join us and be again, as they have always been, Tirana’s 12th player, in order to obtain success all together and achieve the spot which takes us to Europa League participation”.