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Couldn’t wait to be back!

“Even though have been absent, neither was I away from Tirana, nor Tirana from me. I had everyone’s support, club, staff and team mates. Hasn’t been easy, such injuries won’t pass without consequences. Match against Bylis is very important for us, for our targets. The opponent will play the match of their life due to their position on table, therefore we predict a hard fought match. Regardless, we are only going for the 3 points. I have been someone who felt deeply fans’ boycott, since have been in a middle line. As I understand them very well, but am pleased there is an agreement, furthermore their return comes ahead of such important match. I hope their presence is associated with a good triumph. We have to win in order to fulfil our targets. Its true, with some players returning right now we have a more complete squad, however I take the chance to thank Delilaj and other young lads who have contributed along this period. I believe we will make it”.