• KF Tirana Youth Academy

Tirana Academy is a football institution which generates new generations of players. A fully qualified staff works every single day with 240 children, registered under the white & blue logo. The infrastructure, which this academy has available is without doubt best in the country and investments, which touch it each day add to the luxuries and improve work conditions for those who train every day, aiming to become football players in a near future. Tirana Academy has 12 teams, 240 players and 13 coaches, qualified to operate with young lads and other members of staff who work in a football institution. “Skender Halili” training complex provides three pitches for children’s training, a multi-functional environment, parking, interior facilities within the main building and three stands with enough capacity to enable all interested parties the possibility of watching from close their friends or relatives when they play or train. Tirana Academy’s staff has many white & blue personalities, who, with their respective experience and qualifications have a lot to offer for the young players.

Tirana Academy is an ideal possibility for all children. Starting from age of 8, with ideal conditions, without doubt best in the country, Tirana Academy welcomes all those who wish to join the white & blue future. Talent, passion, entertainment and overall sports education are part of the daily work which is being done for the tomorrow.